bomba de calor geotermica granja lechera escocia aberdeenshire

Scotland: Dairy farm

This interesting project is a combination of different renewable energies, including in the installation a wind turbine, a biomass boiler and three ecoGEO heat pumps. The objective of the project was to deliver an efficient and renewable energy solution within a dairy farm with more than 750 cattle.

The function of both the biomass boiler and the heat pumps is the drying of recycled manure solids in a practice known as “Green Bedding”. Moreover, an air turbine for the production of electricity was installed making the system even more efficient because during the most windy days, the whole installation can work with no need to be attached to the electricity grid.

Installation data:

Location: Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Year: 2017

Category: Heat pump- Geothermal

Model: 3x ecoGEO HP1 25-100kW

Power: 300kW

Services: Heating

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