Single-family house - Innovative system with water-to-water heat pump and fan heater
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Single-family house – Innovative System with Water-to-water Heat Pump and Fan Heater

  • Localization: Nigrán, España
  • Category: Water-to-water heat pump with air units
  • Model: ecoGEO+ B4 3-12 HTR EH
  • Service : Heating, cooling and DHW
  • Installer: Pansogal

This modern single-family house of new construction located in Nigrán Spain is committed to innovate and implement increasingly efficient systems, achieving more sustainable facilities.

This is achieved thanks to the clean and renewable energy pump ecoGEO+ B4 3-12 HTR EH which is able to provide heating, cooling and domestic hot water (DHW) to the house thanks to its advanced system focused on efficiency and performance. The AU12 fan heater is used for energy harvesting.

heat pump

This solution offers many of the advantages of our water-to-water heat pumps, but without the need to drill holes in the ground, which reduces the initial investment and preserves the essential components of the heat pump in a protected environment inside the house (such as the compressor, heat exchangers and expansion valve). A unique feature of this system is the defrost method, a process that optimizes seasonal performance (SPF) by temporarily stopping the compressor. This feature completely avoids interruptions and waiting times in the operation of the heat pump, since it is not necessary to reverse the cycle or activate electrical resistors.

heating and cooling electricity chart
delikia graphics
annual and monthly consumption graph

The following graphs clearly illustrate the performance of the system over the past year. With a seasonal performance of 3.8, the system demonstrates its efficiency, reaching an impressive value of 5 during the summer months. This is achieved by leveraging the HTR system to simultaneously provide cooling and domestic hot water.

The house also has an 8 kW photovoltaic installation and a 7 kW battery storage capacity. These components work in conjunction with our e-manager system, a software integrated in all our heat pumps that optimizes the use of the energy generated by the solar panels. This energy is stored both in the batteries and in thermal form so that each kilowatt of solar surplus can be converted into up to 5 kW of thermal energy, stored in a 150-liter buffer tank. In addition, thanks to the surplus configuration, the heat is also stored in the DHW tank. This innovative energy manager allows us to make the most of the photovoltaic generation peaks, efficiently distributing the energy throughout the day.

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