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Spain: Breathe restaurant

The Breathe restaurant opens its doors this 2018. This original restaurant concept goes beyond an innovative and natural gastronomy. Breathe also sought a location committed to the environment and for that better than Ecoforest technology.

To reduce the carbon footprint and make a sustainable building, prior to the construction of the building 12 holes of 120 meters each were made below it. This will be the capture system of the two ecoGEO 12-40 kW heat pumps that will be in charge of cooling the building during the summer months, providing heating in winter and providing hot water throughout the year.

sala tecnica restaurante breathe espana marbella

Installation data:

Location: Marbella, Spain

Year: 2018

Category: Heat pump – Geothermal

Model: 2x ecoGEO HP3 12-40kW

Power: 80kW

Services: Heating, cooling and domestic hot water

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