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Spain: Rural hotel Los Argüellos

Spain: Rural hotel Los Argüellos

Inside the Hotel Rural los Argüellos there is a restaurant with a patio in the middle. Temperatures in this beautiful area can get very low during the winter, now the building has a floor heating system with propane gas, but the owners decided to supplement this system with a pellet stove.

By installing a Moon cooker, they give the dining room a feeling of comfort and warmth as well as provide great energy and economic savings. The 7 kW moon stove is ideal for the countryside and also has a funnel of 11 kg which provides long periods without having to charge the fuel.

Installation data:

Location: León, España

Year: 2016

Category: Biomass – Air pellet stove (pellets)

Model: Moon

Power: 5,5 kW

Services: Heating

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