Spain: Showorking Rivas
Spain: Showorking Rivas

Spain: Showorking Rivas

  • Localization: Madrid, España
  • Category: Geothermal + AU12 + ecoSMART e-manager
  • Model: ecoGEO C4 3-12kW
  • Power: 12kW
  • Service : Heating, cooling and DHW

At Ecoforest we are open to innovative ideas and therefore we decided to collaborate in this project carried out in the Community of Madrid. This building of industrial origin has been completely redesigned applying techniques as constructive as air conditioning and control facilities to achieve a unique building. All this following the Passivhaus criteria to obtain this accreditation.

Within this project the role of Ecoforest is vital, since it uses an ecoGEO heat pump with hybrid uptake using wells and an AU12 Air Unit. An e-manager for the photovoltaic hybrid between the ecoGEO heat pump and the latest technology panels located outside the building has also been incorporated into the installation.

Spain: Showorking Rivas

Installation data:

Location: Madrid, Spain

Year: 2017

Category: Heat pump – Geothermal + AU12 + ecoSMART e-manager

Model: ecoGEO C4 3-12kW

Power: 12kW

Services: Heating, cooling and domestic hot water

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