Spain: Single-family house with air source heat pump
Spain: Single-family house with air source heat pump

Spain: Single-family house with air source heat pump

  • Localization: Martimiguel Segovia
  • Category: Aerothermal
  • Model: ecoAIR EVI 3-12kW
  • Power: 12 kW
  • Service : Heating and DHW

Today, more and more people are looking to change their traditional heating systems for one that is more efficient and environmentally friendly. In this example we show you a case of change a diesel boiler for an air source heat pump . The air source heat pump is a very efficient and renewable system that uses the energy of the environment to heat or cool the house, as well as to heat the domestic hot water. This is why it is considered a system based on renewable energies. Thanks to the use of energy from the outside air, efficiencies of 300% to 400% are achieved, which means big savings in the heating bill.

In this 190 m2 single-family home in Segovia (Spain) with underfloor heating, the diesel oil boiler has been replaced with an air source heat pump (ecoAIR EVI 3-12) with the intention of reducing the high energy costs and lowering CO2 emissions. Thanks to this refurbishment project carried out by “Segotermia Instalaciones”, great savings have been achieved on the heating bill, going from a cost of 246€ in diesel in January 2019 to a consumption of 47.6€ euros in the electricity bill in January 2020, in both cases taking into account DHW and heating. Here we see the ideal example of how the transition to renewable energy systems, such as ground source and air source, has a significant advantage over other traditional heating systems, not only achieving great economic savings but also reducing our ecological footprint.

Spain: Single-family house with air source heat pump

Installation data:

Location: Martimiguel (Segovia)

Year: 2020

Category: Bomba de calor – Aerotermia

Model: ecoAIR EVI 3-12kW

Power: 12 kW

Services: Calefacción y ACS

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