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Spain: Voramar Hotel

Spain: Voramar Hotel

  • Localization: Castellón, España
  • Category: Geothermal
  • Model: 2 x ecoGEO HP3 25 – 100kW
  • Power: 200 kW
  • Service: Heating, Active cooling and DHW

One of our partners, Itecon Ingenieria y Construcción lead the ‘HVAC project’ at Voramar Hotel, a picturesque hotel located close to the stunning Voramar beach in Benicasim. The hotel was firmly commited to protecting the pristine natural environment, carrying out a rigorous sustainability plan in which their total energy needs could be met without great expense to the environment. For this reason, the management of Hotel Voramar opted for the highly efficient HVAC system, in order to reduce energy consumption and minimize the environmental impact. Thanks to the good work carried out by Itecon, solar thermal and ground source energy were combined using Ecoforest heat pumps.

Spain: Voramar Hotel

 A cascading system was set up with a DCL ground source probe, which was connected to an evaporation/condensation circuit and two reversible ground source heat pumps. These provided heating, DHW and active cooling (positive/negative) for the entire hotel.The system consists of:

– 5 boreholes for ground source, surounding the perimeter of the building

– 5 DCL ground source probes placed in the 5 boreholes joined by intake circuit conduits and electrical power lines, with controls and sensors in standardized trenches, leading to technical plant room.

– Two ecoGEO HP3 water-water heat pumps, ground sourcecollection, with 100kW of nominal thermal power each. A total 200kW for the complete HVAC (Heating, ventilation and Air conditioning)of the building.

– Hydraulic manifolds, an impulsion system and thermal fluid management in the technical plant room, all connected to the heat pumps and the ground array capture system.

– Integration of existing solar thermal system in facilities, with integral management of thermal energy and programming of its use in ACS.

– Control and monitoring system for thermal production facilities with total integration of the different subsystems. Amazingly all this has been installed into the technical room of a new plant annexed to the building, including electrical power systems, electrical protection, ventilation, lighting and technical room security

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