Testvérhegy Project first phase
Testvérhegy Project first phase

Testvérhegy Project first phase

  • Localization: Budapest, Hungria
  • Category: Geothermal
  • Model: 2x ecoGEO HP3 25-100
  • Power: 200 kW
  • Service : Heating, cooling and DHW

This project located in Testvérhegy in Budapest consists of two different construction phases. A first phase as per described below, consisting on 75 apartments and a second phase of 98 apartments.

In this project it was decided to install ground source heat pumps because it is the most efficient system of HVAC using renewable energy and being able to produce heating, cooling, passive cooling and DHW.

Testvérhegy Project first phase

The main source of energy of the first phase of 75 apartments are 2 ecoGEO HP3 25-100 kW ground source heat pumps, being able to generate 200 kW of thermal power to meet the demand of all the apartments.

The collection system consists of 42 ground boreholes 100m deep.

Testvérhegy Project first phase

Thanks to the use of ground source heat pumps, it is possible to achieve incredibly high efficiencies as shown in the picture below.

During the month of March the seasonal performance was 5, that is, consuming 1 kW of electrical power to generate 5 kW of thermal power or, what is the same, obtaining 4 kW of thermal power by extracting energy from the boreholes. Throughout the year the seasonal performance is improved up to 5.5.

This performance data indicates that the savings in the heating bill have been extremely large, compared to any other type of traditional heating or even compared to air source heat pumps.

In addition, another great advantage of the ecoGEO variable speed heat pumps is the ability to install them in small spaces and through very simple installations, achieving savings in space and in installation components.

Testvérhegy Project first phase

Installation data:

Location: Budapest (Hungary)

Year: 2020

Category: Ground source

Model: 2 x ecoGEO HP3 25-100

Power: 200 kW

Services: Heating, cooling and DHW 

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