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Ecoforest, identified as "Empresa Gacela 2017"

From Ecoforest it's an honour to announce that we've received the diploma which identifies us as growing company in the "2017 Ranking of Empresas Gacela". This ranking represents the new Spanish companies that had the fastest growth in their first three years of life.

What does Gacela Company means? This ranking distinguishes the 370 Spanish companies with more than 10 employees, a business volume higher that 500.000€ and with less than 5 years old that managed to growth at a rhythm of at least 20% per the last 3 consecutive years.

According to the magazine "Emprendedores", one of the responsible to present this award, several features are common to the Ecoforest philosophy:

  Sustainable and above average growth

Companies with such a high growth rate in so short time. Another feature of this kind of companies is the ability to keep a sustained growth while reinvesting their income to improve their business and keep growing.



A company that is able to adapt to the market and the changes that may happen in it. 



In this case we are talking about companies that are able to achieve a profitability superior to 15%. 


  Young companies

With 5 to 10 years of life, this companies start to take off after the creating phase is concluded. 


  Job generators

Generation of constant employment, new jobs and new substructures within the company where is necessary to hire more staff. 


For these reasons it is for us a pride to belong to this list, which also empowers us to keep advancing and developing the task we started since the creation of Ecoforest in the renewable energy sector. We are working everyday not just with the objective of growing as a company, but also with the hope of developing unique and technologically advanced products to turn this planet into a better place.


Over Ecoforest

De Ecoforest groep is ontstaan in Vigo (Spanje) in 1959 door toedoen van de eigenaar en oprichter Mr. Jose Carlos Alonso Martínez, gespecialiseerd in de verwarmingssector. In 1993 werd Ecoforest de eerste Europese producent van pellet hydrokachels; een nieuw, ecologisch en economisch product in de markt.

Momenteel is Ecoforest het leidende bedrijf in de markt met het grootste assortiment pelletkachels en boilers. In 2012 besloot Ecoforest in te zetten op een andere innovatieve technologie en lanceerde zijn eerste geothermische warmtepomp in de markt, de enige Spaanse producent van dit product en de meest gespecialiseerde in inverter-technologie ter wereld.

De R&D afdeling van Ecoforest blijft dagelijks innoveren om meer geavanceerde en nog efficiëntere producten te ontwikkelen. Momenteel zijn Ecoforest producten te vinden in meer dan 30 landen over de hele wereld.


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