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London: Institute of Physics

London: Institute of Physics

The new headquarters of the Institute of Physics of London (IOP) is currently being built, with a total area of 1,560 meters distributed between offices, auditorium, exhibition gallery and a space open to the public.

Due to the unusual characteristics of this construction, this project has been an important challenge. The ecoGEO heat pumps provide heat and cold simultaneously with demands of 61 kW and 91 kW respectively. In addition, the geothermal catchment also presents unusual features by including a heat exchanger that allows to reduce the depth of the wells from 150 meters to 75 meters.

The project integrates other energy and environmental sustainability practices such as the installation of photovoltaic panels and a green roof to store and drain rainwater.

Installation data:

Location: London, UK

Year: 2018

Category: Heat pump- Geothermal

Model: ecoGEO HP1 12-40kW + ecoGEO HP1 15-70kW

Power: 110kW

Services: Heating, cooling and domestic hot water

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