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Turkey: Aquasis Didim

Turkey: Aquasis Didim

Aquasis is a luxury resort with Spa, located next to the sea with more than 660 rooms, restaurant, giant pool and even a water park. This hotel has a multitude of activities, sports and even live performances.

This luxury hotel located in Turkey has been converted to renewable energy to heat its facilities. With the installation of 4 ecoGEO heat pumps HP 25-100 that produce up to a power of 400kW gets to heat, cool and heat the hot water of the entire resort, this is achieved thanks to the Ecoforest supervisor we get up to 6 heat pumps work simultaneously reaching up to 600 kW, thus being able to satisfy the cold and heat needs of high consumption facilities.

In addition to achieving significant savings compared to the old heating method, we managed to reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere to a great extent, taking care of our planet.

Turkey: Aquasis Didim

Installation data:

Location: Didim, Turquía

Year: 2019

Category Heat pump / Ground source 

Model: 4 x ecoGEO HP3 25 – 100 

Power:  400 kW

Services: Heating, cooling and domestic hot water

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