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United Kingdom: St Stephen's church, Lympne

United Kingdom: St Stephen’s church, Lympne

Last years the use of heat pumps has been extended for the climatization of Churches in the United Kingdom. Within all the examples that we can find we have selected the case of the Church St Stephen’s Church, in England.

This church, built from stone during the 11th century, underwent several extensions in the following three hundred years with a North tower and later a South tower being completly rebuilt. In 1880 the first restoration was realized by the architect James Pearson Albin.

In 2015, a new change in the Church began to be managed, in this case the aim was to reduce the heating costs that were growing ever larger due to the use of old oil boilers, radiators and bad insulation. To solve this problem and to have a more efficient system, an Ecoforest ecoGEO B1 5-22 kW EH heat pump together with new underfloor heating was installed, providing the church with heating and sanitary domestic hot water.

 Installation data:

Location: Lympe, Britain

Year: 2016

Category: Ground source Heat Pump

Model: ecoGEO B1 5-22kW

Power: 22kW

Services: Heating and domestic hot water

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