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ecoSMART e-source community

Ecoforest e-source community.

ecoSMART e-source community

Control of multiple dwellings

The ecoSMART e-source community allows the management of energy systems in newly-built community buildings or for replacing old boilers. With this device, Ecoforest enables the installation of a common source system with a single heat pump per house for individual production.

This innovative device offers great advantages as an adaptative collection system suitable for ground source systems relying on boreholes or air source systems with air units. These features offer a higher performance and a longer lifespan, increase individual efficiency and comfort, and enable the management of multiple services (DHW, heating and cooling) through a system tailored to each installation needs.

Combination of up to 3 different heat sources:

ecoSMART e-source community

Advantages of the ecoSMART e-source community

• Multi-service: DHW management, heating and cooling

• Use of the HTR technology for DHW production up to 70ºC and for the provision of simultaneous services (heating and cooling).

• Flexible collection systems (air unit or boreholes).

• Integrated energy meters, independent consumption for each household or common for the whole building.

• Increase of individual efficiency and comfort.

• Unique defrosting with dedicated air source heat pump, which reduces defrosting time and improves seasonal performance. Individual heat pumps do not defrost.

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Soluciones con aerotermia y geotermia para edificios enteros

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ecoSMART e-source community

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