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New Ecoforest Headquarters

At the end of 2016 Ecoforest announced the acquisition of more than 13.500m² for the construction of their new headquarters in the Industrial Park of Porto de Molle. With this acquisition, Ecoforest changes his HQ for the second time in less than five years. 

The need to a new HQ represents the continuous growth of Ecoforest in all his departments: new and innovative products, increase of production volume, a higher number of clients and incorporation of new collaborators. This represents the increase of Ecoforest international presence, we are now present in more than 36 countries, and having as a short term objective to expand Ecoforest presence to new countries and to increase our presence in the markets we are represented.

We will keep you updated on the construction progress. The factory will have a usable surface of 13.500m² where all the manufacturing and office services will take place. Due to our innovative character and our commitment with the environment and renewable energies, the Ecoforest HQ will be totally self-sufficient and with top of the art technology.

The HAVC system of the factory will be done with our geothermal heat pumps, which will be powered by a PV installation, using our new patented energy manager's products, e-manager and e-system, a product that we believe will revolutionize the energy market in the incoming years.

In these new facilities we will keep putting a lot of effort in Research and Development. The new laboratory will have more than 1.400m² of space, equipped with numerous test benches, latest technology and all necessary material for our technical team to keep doing what they know best, products that are innovative and high efficient.

Our production plant will count with a significant increase, nowadays at the current factory we have four lines of production, two for pellets stoves and boilers and the other two for ground source and air source heat pumps. The new factory will count with seven production lines already prepared for the new products that are being developed, Energy managers and Industrial heat pumps.

Stay connected to our website, social media and newsletter to keep track of the latest news regarding the new Ecoforest headquarters. Our goal is to bring Ecoforest environmental friendly products closer to you and for that we believe the best way is through transparency and clear communication.


Actualization 30/03/2018


Ecoforestgruppen grundades 1959 i Vigo, Spanien, av dess nuvarande ägare José Carlos Martínez med specialisering inom värme. 1993 blev Ecoforest den första Europeiska tillverkaren av pelletskaminer samt pannor och försedde marknaden med en ny, ekologiskt och ekonomiskt tilltalande produkt.

Ecoforest är marknadsledande inom biomassa med ett brett sortiment av luftvärmekaminer, vattenmantlade kaminer och kanaliserbara kaminer till kompetitiva priser. 2012 tar Ecoforest steget och lanserar, som enda spanska fabrikant, sin första varvtalsstyrda bergvärmepump och har i dagsläget marknadens största sortiment inom bergvärmepumpar med inverterteknologi.

Ecoforests F&U-avdelning innoverar fortgående för att utveckla effektivare och mer avancerade produkter. I dagsläget är Ecoforest närvarande i över 30 länder och fortsätter kontinuerligt att växa.



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