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Geothermal heat pump

The heat pump that extracts energy from the ground

Heothermal heat pump extracts energy from the ground and water to heat, cool and heat the domestic hot water of the installation.

How does it achieve this? The ground source heat pump works on the principle of thermodynamics, for heating it extracts heat from the ground and even from the water, via geothermal boreholes, and introduces it into the house, and for cooling it extracts heat from the house and transports it to the geothermal boreholes.

The most efficient geothermal heat pumps are the water-to-water heat pumps, so called because they extract heat from the ground via wells and transfer it to the water.

Thanks to the high performance of geothermal heat pumps, we can multiply electricity consumption by 4 and 5 (depending on the external conditions and the installation), i.e., with 1 kW of electricity consumed we can generate 4 kW to 5 kW of thermal energy.

At Ecoforest we have created the most complete range of geothermal energy on the market.

Geothermal heat pumps models

ecoGEO geothermal heat pumps advantages

ecoGEO geothermal heat pumps are the first to introduce inverter technology, which makes the installations more compact and allows the heat pump to adapt to the installation, reducing its costs.

This is achieved thankcs to a variable speed compressor that provides the heat pump with the power required at all times.


Inverter technology + variable speed compressor


HTR heat recovery system.


Cold production in the same equipment, capacity to produce cold/heat simultaneously.


First manufacturer to use Copeland inverter technology


Cascade capacity up to 600 kW

Geothermal heat pumps advantages


No CO2 emissions


Renewable energy source


Savings of 70%


Reliable equipment


All in one system, heating, cooling and DHW


Low maintenance and low costs


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