Redesigning Commercial Air-to-water Heat Pumps, the New ecoAIR+ PRO

Heat pumps
June 18, 2024

This webinar will serve as the launching pad for the new ecoAIR+ PRO model, a new air-to-water heat pump that enlarges the ecoAIR+ PRO beyond the 25 kW to meet the needs of the most demanding projects while offering the benefits of the natural refrigerant R290.

Key features of the ecoAIR+ PRO:

  • Natural refrigerant R290: with exceptional performance in extreme climate conditions.
  • In-built PV integration: Seamlessly integrates with photovoltaic systems.
  • Thermal power modulation (20-100%) and production pump speed control (20-100%).
  • Integrated energy meters: For precise energy monitoring.
  • Defrost method (DDC): Reverses the cycle without stopping the compressor, providing more power in less time.
  • Active cooling production.
  • ECOFOREST control strategies: Advanced control options for optimized performance.
  • Compact Installations with Hidrokits: Includes DHW 3-Way valve, filter, filling kit, separator-exchanger, circulation pump, support electrical heater and DHW tank.
  • Cascade configuration: Up to 6 units.
  • Three-phase power supply.

Be among the first to experience this innovative device!


The course is aimed at installers, distributors and specialists interested in advanced heat pump technology.


Register until the 17th of June at:

Ecoforest – Pioneering Heat Pump Technology

In 2012, Ecoforest introduced its first ground-source heat pump, becoming the only Spanish manufacturer in this sector. Renowned for its expertise in Inverter technology, Ecoforest offers a comprehensive range of R290 air-source heat pumps.

In 2023, Ecoforest achieved another milestone by becoming the first manufacturer to provide a complete range of domestic ground-source R290 heat pumps designed for indoor installation.

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