Replacing Existing Boilers for Ecoforest Heat Pumps

Heat pumps
April 26, 2022

Ecoforest heat pumps are the ideal replacement for traditional heating systems.

  • High-efficiency
  • Reduction of running costs
  • Flexible technology
  • Reuse of installations

These installations allow to re-using the radiators currently used in the home in combination with a small buffer tank.

Ecoforest specialists will offer participants some tips for the modifications needed in the installations and present case studies across Europe.


The course is aimed at installers, distributors and specialists interested in heat pumps.


Limited seats. Participants can register in the following link until 25 April:

Ecoforest – Heat Pumps

In 2012 Ecoforest launched its first geothermal heat pump. Currently, it is the only Spanish heat pumps manufacturer and the most specialised in Inverter technology.